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Georgia HBCU Exhibition

Devyn Washington

The Georgia HBCU Exhibition is a fully-immersive, virtual reality project that provides users the opportunity to experience the campuses of the ten historically black colleges and universities that call Georgia home. Users are invited into a virtual exhibition hall where they are presented with portraits of the campus of each Georgia HBCU. Each portrait serves as an entry portal to its corresponding campus and the user can travel from the exhibition hall to the campus by stepping into the portrait. Once on campus, the user is immersed in a 360-degree view of the campus. Additional information about the campus appears on a floating tablet while the school's hymn plays in the background. After visiting the campus, the user can return to the exhibit hall and proceed to a different campus. This project is a work in progress. More information about each school, including its history, academic programs, student life, etc. will be continuously added. The goal of the project is to offer prospective students unable to travel to every school a way to virtually visit each campus.

Devyn Washington is a second-year Game Design and Development independent major from Rayne, Louisiana. Her interest are in developing purposeful games. Devyn is a member of the VR research team of the Spelman Innovation Lab. Her research also includes developing educational games in collaboration with the Biology Department at Spelman.

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