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The Journal of Art & Technology
Published by the Division of the Arts at Spelman College

Volume 1, Issue 1 - Spring 2023

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How Hair You!

Kennedy Dunning

Budding feminist comically criticizes the shame of body hair through an educational expedition of razor advertisements and femininity.

Deja Vu

Sydney Dupree

A solo performance exploring the concepts of time, decay theory, the human condition, and entropy through a familiar immersive environment.

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What Keeps Me Together... Tears Me Apart

Madison Green

What keeps me together…tears me apart alludes to the silent rages of a gentle heart. It is the account of a sensitive soul, both crushing and expanding under the weight of its own capacity to feel and be.

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Transnational Blackness: African Diasporic Influence in the work of Tunji Adeniyi Jones

Neil Grasty

An exhibition proposal...


Elaine Ransom

This project started off as a string quartet intended for instrumentalists to play live. The inspiration for the music, originally, came from a very impactful event in my life.

Exhibition Case Study: Raid the Icebox I with Andy Warhol

Nadia Scott

Raid the Icebox I with Andy Warhol, was an exhibition curated from the permanent collection of the basement storage at the Museum of Art of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). It toured from 1969.

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I Love You So So Much!

Kai Samuels-Jackson

“I love you so so much!” focuses on themes of nostalgia, childhood, forgiveness, and self-love.

An Undying Community: (an ongoing project)

E. Spencer

Through analog photography, the Atlanta University Center is displayed with candor and purpose, highlighting the people and documenting the buildings and its events.

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