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An Undying Community: (an ongoing project)

E. Spencer

The only thing that is constant is change. As students, staff, structures, and spaces continue to be molded and take new forms, it was found that the best way to insert oneself into the conversation was to capture it on camera. Through analog photography, the Atlanta University Center is displayed with candor and purpose, highlighting the people and documenting the buildings and events. Artist E Spencer has had a special relationship with the AUC, having been shot in the chest just before the Freshman fall semester began. These images serve as the bond between Spencer, her peers, and the institutions and the environment they all connect through. The rawness of new experiences and evolution of self and identity is placed at the forefront of these images. They serve as time capsules for new generations to come and older ones to reflect upon.

Elyse Spencer is currently a senior at Spelman College, majoring in Photography with a minor in Comparative Women's Studies. Born in Rochester, NY, Spencer looks to many influential artists from the 585 area, such as Eastman Kodak, Frederick Douglas, and more. Going by the artist name 'svnflwrcvhild,' Spencer hopes to create a more cherished space for creatives in the AUC and aims to uplift the Black community through their vulnerable film shots and illustrator files.

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