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The Code of Life

Kendi King

As a participant in the OceanX Young Explorers Program, I was tasked with creating a media project to be shot and edited within 5 days, while onboard the OceanXplorer research vessel during its' voyage across the North Sea. Before we even set sail, I knew the subject of my film would be Manu Prakash. It wasn't his humble genius, unparalleled passion for "citizen science", or the enticing scientific tools he carries at all times that drew me to him -- it was his extreme kindness. Through days of international travel to Norway, from where we would embark, and even more hours of onboarding meetings & prep; Manu always wore a warm, genuine smile. Despite his extensive resume of voyages and adventures all across the world, his enthusiasm & excitement for the mission at hand mirrored the college student cohort he was tasked with helping educate about all things ocean science. 


To achieve the deeply personal aspect to my films I always aim to capture requires that I spend a lot of time with my subjects, conversing about deeply personal things. It is not an easy task to be the muse of a filmmaker, especially one that asks as many questions as I do. Upon meeting Manu, I sensed he was the type to allow and respond to these questions with as much curiosity with which they were asked. I could not have asked for a better partner in telling this story. 


Thank you to everyone on the OceanX team who supported me in completing this project, and allowing me to once again be a scientist.

Kendi King is a Senior Documentary Film major at Spelman College, transferred from NYU Tisch Film School where she completed a minor in Adolescent Psychology. She is a passionate writer/director, with a technical focus in post-production sound design & mixing.

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