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I Love You So So Much

Kai Samuels-Jackson

 “I love you so so much!” focuses on themes of nostalgia, childhood, forgiveness, and self-love. Referencing family photo albums and memories, Kai creates digital collages that center around her time growing up in Montclair, New Jersey. Kai uses these collages as a reference for her illustrations, and draws them out using oil pastels, prints, and tracing paper. She looks back on this time in her life fondly, as she had lived there until she was 8 and believes the Montessori environment she was put in greatly shaped the person she is today. However, the artist acknowledges that she has a tendency to judge her younger self harshly, cringing at the person she used to be. “I love you so so much!” is not just a visual representation of her childhood, but a love letter to the kid she used to be. She hopes that this body of work can encourage people to be kind to themselves; showing love to their younger selves who made mistakes but tried their best. To show a little compassion for the child in you who is still learning how to live life to the fullest."   

"Kai Samuels-Jackson is an African-American visual artist from Montgomery County Maryland. A prospective Spelman College graduate (c/o ‘23), Art Major and Documentary Film Minor, Kai’s work explores themes relating to myth, self-love, serenity, and nature. Her creative process always includes mood-board making - and she hails Pinterest as her creative best friend. Kai is passionate about diverse representations of Black art in creative spaces. Her goal is to have her artistic practice serve as a reference for the versatility of Black creatives.

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