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What Keeps Me Together...
Tears Me Apart

Madison Green

     Turning to the triptych as an ideal format, I spent a couple of months sketching and painting as a means to map the totality of my being. “Being,” in this case, refers to both a condition and a phenomenon. In creating this work, my goal was to capture the on-going transformation of self as it exists in multitudes. Thinking deeply about desirability, play, and sensuality vs. sexuality, I stress the idea of the body as a channel for our inner curiosities, sensitivities, and development. In this work, I address the following questions: Where in the body do our feelings find refuge? Where in the body do we store the ones that wish to escape?


     What keeps me together…tears me apart alludes to the silent rages of a gentle heart. It is the account of a sensitive soul, both crushing and expanding under the weight of its own capacity to feel and be. I fell in love with painting because it always forgave my reckless impulses and soothed my tender spirit. Operating as a map, mirror, and window, this work charts the continuous rebirth of self.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Madison Green, C’2023, is a multidisciplinary visual artist and art major at Spelman College. Madison started painting for the first in 2019, just a few months before attending Spelman; however, they have been drawn to visual storytelling for as long as they can remember. Their current artistic practice utilizes drawing, painting, photography, and digital illustration/collage. Reflecting themes of play, femininity, “being Black,” and more, their work calls for looking inward with curiosity and compassion. While in school, Madison has focused on cultivating their portfolio, refining their artistic voice, and further using creativity to prompt social, political, and philosophical dialogue.

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