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Deja Vu

Sydney DuPree

This performance was one component of the Site Specific Performance festival that took place last semester curated by Dr. Katie Schaag for our Division of Arts Seminar course. The event was essentially a collaboration of student multimedia performances and included a site specific tour where the audience was led to 3 locations for 3 different site specific performances. I was one of the three solo performers selected to met every Friday for about several hours to work on devising our own pieces before classes. This process included journaling, scripting, directing, blocking, improvisation, and embodiment. My piece entitled Deja Vu was inspired by Suzan Lori Parks' concept of repetition and revision. Parks compares this concept to jazz music and how a phrase may be used over but edified slightly each time "with revision." After studying this intriguing idea, I decided to explore a world where a world might unravel over time instead of improving over time. I utilized the lecture performance format in order to directly engage the audience. My character was a college professor named Professor Walsh and I and treated the audience as students in my "Psychology of Theater" class. The performance additionally explored the concepts of time, decay theory, the human condition, and entropy. The environment was immersive so that the audience felt like they were really trapped in a classroom watching the same day unravel over and over, each time more chaotic than the last. I enjoyed the audience's reactions to the piece and having the opportunity to improvise responses to their various questions and remarks. Overall, I had so much fun and I learned a lot from this experience.

My name is Sydney DuPree and I am a senior theater major and transfer student from Port St. Lucie, Florida. I am on track to graduate Summa Cum Laude this semester with a 4.0 GPA. I enjoy acting, drawing, painting, and writing. I am currently signed with Forward Agency as a TV/film actress, but I hope to use my acting experience to pursue a career as a casting director.

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